About   Cascade Cultures

It all starts with Wild Fermentation. Nutrient Dense, Probiotic Punch. Healthy Oil, Healthy Life.

Cascade Cultures is a local food manufacturing company, currently producing the following products: LOCAL CULTURE- Raw. Wild. Probiotic. Small batch, handmade sauerkraut and kimchi inspired by local and international flavor profiles. Naturally fermented here in Bend, and made from Oregon sourced produce. At Local Culture we are committed to cultivating live foods for living well. To support our thriving communities, we ferment quality organic ingredients from locally sourced agriculture. Loaded with cultured macrobiotics, our krauts will make both your belly and palate smile. SUPER BELLY- Probiotic dressings and condiments. Packed with healthy probiotics from organic fermented herbs and vegetables, our dressings and mayos are vital recourses for our belly's bacteria. We ferment organic herbs and vegetables and mix them with healthy fats from avocados so our bodies have what they need flourish and thrive. The result is a nutrient dense, probiotic-rich dressing and marinade that can take on any evil. Feed your Superheroes.

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