About   DOMKO

Mission: To create and share inspiring works of art with the world.

The artist, Dominique, writes "My artwork is motivated by golden light, separated into a myriad of colors. My paintings are a harmony between prismatic, bright, contemporary colors, geometric abstraction and landscape. Patterns, shapes and color are juxtaposed and embodied with the natural and the synthetic.
My philosophy involves creating works that express the spiritual nature of humans. I am inspired by personal growth, meditation, contemplation, luminescence, transformation, and repetition amongst infinite variety. When I create, I think of the beautiful things of the world of which I am so attracted, and desire to consume. The constant pull of consumerism is satiated by the incessant drive of creation and growth. I create instead of consume. These paintings strive to create a new awareness and hope for our environment, as well as an awakening to the love of God and the light within ourselves."

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