About   Michele Firm Design

Mission: To create art and design that resonate with my community.

The artist, Michele, writes: "I'm an artist, outdoor enthusiast, foodie, feminist, INFJ, and both a lover AND a fighter. I create artwork inspired by my fierce love and appreciation of the outdoors. My life revolves around it. I work in the outdoor industry, I bike-commute to work, and conservation rules my vote. And of course, I love to PLAY! I am constantly exploring the trails around Bend, as well as around the world. But my outdoor life is also about the community that finds a home there, too. It's about more than making the summit. It's about the people you take with you. It's about the parking lot beer you drink when you get down. It's about the passionate conversations you have revolving around ounces, routes and r-values. So I make this art for you!"