About   Moose Dog Farm

Moose Dog Farm is located in beautiful Bend, Oregon. They sell eggs, goat milk soap, and other farm products.

Paul and Allison Ward moved to Bend, Oregon, in spring 2014 with a dream to start a small farm and to start living a more rural lifestyle. They found a piece of property just north of Bend (close to the great little town of Tumalo) and worked for about a year to get it ready for our animals. They now have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats, a flock of chickens of various breeds, a beehive, and one small bunny. The origin of their farm name pays homage to the owners' love of Norwegian Elkhounds. Elkhound is actually a mistranslation from the Norwegian name for the breed, elghund -- the literal translation is actually moose dog, as Elkhounds are traditionally moose and bear hunters.

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