About   PEACES by Lauren

Mission: Peace is always beautiful.

The spiritual dimensions of ornamentation existed for long before PEACES existed but are still very much alive today. For many who lived lifetimes ago, adorning their physical, tangible bodies was a way to express or convey the beauty of their intangible counterpart, the human spirit. PEACES are designed to bring this culture back to life. This is done by using combinations with meaning and symbolism beyond beauty and by choosing items that remind and tie you to worlds, which no longer exist. PEACES are created by combining, forming, and assembling everything with great culture and soul. Every piece of jewelry is assembled by hand, one at a time by jewelry artist Lauren Cooley. She likes to make pieces that deeper connect the woman to herself, nature, and spirit as well as bring back a sense of connectedness to the “tribe” of similarly adorned individuals. When wearing something by PEACES it is anticipated the wearer will feel beauty, depth, openness, peace and a sense of the energy that came through the artists hands while creating each piece individually.

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