Orangetheory Fitness


About Orangetheory Fitness

Ready to get in shape? Our Orangetheory location is conveniently located in the Old Mill District in Bend, Oregon. This is an opportune location for anyone in the area to visit during his or her busy day for a quick fitness tune-up.

Orangetheory Fitness operates under the Orange Effect, which includes 60-minute workout sessions that incorporate both upbeat cardiovascular exercise and spurts of strength training. Using our heart rate monitors, you are able to track your intensity and make your workout as efficient as possible. Give your energy a boost and get the visible results that you’ve been looking for while increasing your metabolic burn even after you walk out our doors.

Our schedule is full of classes taught by enthusiastic trainers who will help motivate you, guide you and test your limits every time you come in. Our trainers will work to help you realize your goals, modify exercises to fit your specific needs and help you get the most out of each session.

From beginners to seasoned experts, Bend’s Orangetheory looks forward to working with people of all fitness levels. Forget your old workout system that hasn’t been working and try something that is efficient, exciting and effective.

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