Rik’s Rubs


About Rik’s Rubs

Rik’s Rubs is an Oregon based flavor company. I began mixing my own rub for ribs & chicken. I used brown sugar, kosher salt, pepper, garlic, onion, chili powder, some other spices, herbs and a little love. In 2005 I tinkered with and old wood stove and a 1960’s Hotpoint refrigerator. I made a smoker and started smoking meats and veggies in it. Now, every holiday season, we host a Rik’s Rib open house. Many racks of ribs spend their allotted time in the smoker then on the grill. We eat, drink, sing, share and play a little cards. Each guest would go home with a jar of Rik’s Rubs ORIGINAL. Since 2005, these were vintage Mason and Kerr jars with a white label written in Sharpie “RIK’S RUB”. In 2012 we gave guests The Rik’s Rubs ORIGINAL shaker you can purchase here. It comes in a Little Rub (8oz) and a Big Rub (16oz). Use it on your meats, veggies, potatoes and even popcorn. Come join our family. Enjoy Rik’s Rub ORIGINAL with your family and friends and make this world a more flavorful place.

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