Shred Town Food Cart


About Shred Town Food Cart

Shred Town Food Cart in Bend, OR has been a quintessential figure in the Central Oregon food cart scene ever since Kurt Voorhees cut the ribbon on his home-made food cart back in 2014.  Kurt moved to Bend in 2005 and learned how to cook through working in some of Bend’s most popular kitchens, such as Barrio and The Victorian.  His passion for food and the organized chaos of a commercial kitchen inspired him to build his dream and start a food cart. The first Shred Town cart was a 12-foot boat trailer that Kurt converted into a kitchen on wheels using handwritten blue prints and youtube tutorials.

After deciding on the name Shred Town, and making an appearance at a few of Bend’s popular street festivals, an opportunity opened up for Shred Town to post up outside of Aspect Boards & Brews located on Galveston Avenue.  Without hesitation, Shred Town moved in and has been there ever since.  Several years later, Shred Town is now a shiny red state-of-the-art food cart with a mouth-watering menu. Now we’re delighted to have them at the Farmers Market!

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