Vagabond Silver


About Vagabond Silver

Vagabond Silver is a company that creates one of a kind pieces of jewelry.
Each item is hand-crafted and meticulously created from everyday inspirations found in nature.

Sit down and visit with our artist to experience a slower and more natural path of life.
Let stones and metals from around the world bring out your inner vagabond to places you have never been and can’t wait to visit.

Contact Vagabond Silver today to create a unique piece of jewelry to set you apart from the crowd.

About the Artist

Mat Garriott is an Oregon born artist that finds inspiration from items found in nature and all around him.

He spent his youth adventuring around the Oregon Cascades, drifting down the Deschutes River and guiding trails in Western Montana.

Working with his hands brings Mat the most .

He believes in using only the most sustainable elements or re purposed items to ensure everlasting beauty in the world.

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