Welcome to the NorthWest Crossing Saturday Farmers Market!

Discover a bounty of seasonal produce, locally-raised meats, fresh eggs and cheese, handmade items, beautiful flowers, tasty morsels, and so much more!

Yes. It’s summer in Central Oregon.

And Saturday just might be the best day of the week!

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Market Handbook

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By June of 2020, there may be no restrictions on farmers markets related to the Corona Virus. Still, we are providing you this sample list of requirements should the state policies governing farmers market operations still be in effect for COVID-19 era implementation. You will all be required to follow these and any other policies that unfold. Global market adaptation requirements under current state policy would require the market to not include music or tables for dining.

Vendors may continue vending, regardless of product type, as long as you are practicing safe social distancing; HOWEVER, any vendor who cannot, by definition, maintain social distance (masseuses, face painters, etc.) may NOT be allowed at market for the time being and until further notice.

There have been a variety of resources and best practices put together as to how farmers markets can adjust operations to minimize risk to the public of transmission of COVID 19. We have drawn on those resources and synthesized these practices into a list of recommendations below, and will continue to update it as new strategies emerge. Oregon regulatory officials from ODA have reviewed and verbally approved the following:

  • Collect and bag all items for customers. This can be enforced through signage, by putting the cash register at the front of the booth, and other visual and verbal guidance.
  • Absolutely NO sampling allowed.
  • Please follow our market booth layouts that promote safe social distancing. A good booth layout strategy is to put an empty table at the front of the booth, with the table with products behind it, then the vendors behind that table, enforcing social distance and putting products out of reach of customers.
  • When handling money, you should not handle food products until you have washed your hands. If possible, designate one person to handle and bag purchases for customers, while a second person handles money and transactions.
  • Please have hand sanitizer available to customers at checkout.
  • Bring your own handwashing gear, in addition to hand sanitizer, to keep hands clean.
  • Wipe down high touch areas, such as tables, screens and cash boxes, frequently.
  • Bring plastic tablecloths (or clear plastic to cover cloth tablecloths) for easier wipe-downs.
  • There will be a zero-tolerance policy for coming to market when sick, for both staff and vendors.
  • While handwashing is the most effective way to cut down on disease transmission via touch, if any of your staff or vendors have a habit of touching their faces frequently, it may be useful for them to wear disposable gloves that they change frequently, as a reminder not to touch their faces.


  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet apart from other shoppers at all
  • If you have any symptoms or believe that you may have been exposed
    to the novel coronavirus, please stay home.
  • Stand back from the vendor and pay with outstretched hand.
  • If possible, send only one member of your household to shop at the
  • Please remember, no dogs allowed and consider keeping children at
    home, if possible
  • Talk to your neighbors, and consider sending one shopper for multiple
    households if you can.
  • Come prepared with a list of items to decrease the amount of time
    spent at the market.
  • Read signage at market and follow instructions
  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently using the options provided.
  • Only handle produce that you are buying and take the item on the top
    of the pile.
  • After completing your purchases, please do not linger in the market