About   Busy Izzy Foods

Izzy strives to ensure that what she provides is also gluten-free, organic and lower in sugar with a commitment to sustainability.

Izzy's Amazing Granola comes freshly baked every week and turns traditional granola on it's head with 74% nuts and seeds and just 2g sugar per serving. "With Busy Izzy Foods, my interest is in providing nutrient dense foods. The oats I use are an accent to the pecans, coconut, pumpkin, sunflower and maple flavors instead of as a filler.  The abundant nuts and seeds are used by the body for a slow burn and naturally results in an abundance of flavor as well. My first stab at making granola is honestly what you taste today. I never even looked up a recipe and just relied on intuition as a starting point; I typically do this as most recipes as we know them have been dramatically skewed over time to please the palate as opposed to perform for the body. Being new to the food industry and quickly evolving as a business, I am learning that labor is a major cost of food preparation. It makes sense to me to use more of the best ingredients possible to empower that labor dollar. The more reliant we have become on prepared and packaged foods and the more conscientious we become about what we put in our bodies, I think consumers are ready for more nutritional value per pound-dollar."

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