About  Pirate Ringo’s Salsa

Artisan salsa for foodies with a finely-tuned palate who refuse to settle for boring salsa.

Pieces Of Eight, Fire-Roasted Peppers & Corn: Embark on a voyage for your taste buds that will take you from Ethiopia to Santa Fe. Created as a gift for Pirate Ringo's wife (who is a landlubber where heat is concerned), Pieces of Eight charms with intense flavor that won't burn. Sweet and smoky, just like Pirate Ringo's wife. Pirate's Inferno, Habanero, Jalapeno, Mango & Peach: The fearsome sweet fire of Pirate's Inferno will tantalize your taste buds with a rollicking jig between sunny sweetness and swarthy heat. You won't want the revelry to end!

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